Services and Pricing


Standard Party (or “Meltdown”)

Our standard party lasts between 3-3 1/2 hours.  Makeup Meltdown supplies EVERYTHING needed for the party — and only asks that we temporarily use your refrigerator, kitchen counter and kitchen sink while crafting lipsticks.  Pricing is $300 per party ($50 per person at a SIX person party) and includes the following:

  • A customizable live PDF meltdown party “Evite” for you to send out to guests
  • A hostess gift of one free refill of your personal custom-crafted lipstick shade (a $35 value)
  • A “scrub and balm bar” set up for you and your guests to enjoy the ultimate in lip pampering using our organic, paraben-free, flavored lip scrubs and lip balm
  • SIX fully customized tubes of lipstick
  • Three unique games for you and your guests to play (if you choose), complete with corresponding game prizes

Since our standard party pricing includes SIX individual tubes of lipstick, we suggest that there are either three or six people at each meltdown. This will preserve the intimacy of your event, while allowing each guest to receive either ONE (at six person party) or TWO (at three person party) customized tubes of lipstick.  For parties greater than six people, please contact us for a custom price quote.

Charity or Fundraising Party

Interested in how you can enjoy a “Girl’s-Night-In”, find the lipstick color of your dreams, AND raise $500 in less than 3 hours for the charity of YOUR choice? Contact us here for more charity/fundraising party details.

One-On-One In-Home Custom Color Consultation

Consult with a lip mixologist in the comfort of your own home.  Our 1 1/2-2 hour long individualized consult and mixology session is $125 and includes THREE fully customized tubes of lipstick, and one each of our organic, paraben-free and flavored lip scrub and lip balm.

Discontinued Lipstick Custom Color Matching

Have a lip color you love love LOVE, but that is (for some frustrating reason) no longer manufactured???  Send us whatever is left in your tube, and we will happily match and make a brand new lipstick of that discontinued shade.  $45 for your initial color matched tube, and $25 for each refill tube thereafter.

Three or Five-Well Personal Collection Pallet Repackaging

Send us your lipstick “nubs” — and we will show them some love!  Nearly 30% of the lipstick in an average tube is still left behind (and nearly unreachable without the use of a Q-Tip) once you “finish” your tube.  Allow Makeup Meltdown to salvage that 30%, and repackage it in a convenient and portable three ($30) or five ($40) well lipstick pallet.  Your new pallet will ship within 5 business days, and shipping is free. (NOTE: The above prices reflect the cost for FIRST time users of our repackaging service.  When more lipsticks need repackaging, you will be able to send back your original pallet and receive 15% OFF the above cost of this service.)

Don’t see a service here that meets your needs?  Contact us with your specific requests and we will provide a customized quote!


LIPSTICK REFILL (of a previously made custom color) — $25

MM ORIGINAL SHADE (follow us on Instagram to see and choose from one of our ever expanding original lip shades, each named after a different island in the world) — $18

LIP BALM*  (organic, paraben-free and perfect for nighttime nourishment) — $6

LIP SCRUB* (organic, paraben-free and in three different flavors, Buttercream Icing, Mango and Peppermint) — $12

INVISIBLE LIP LINER (keeps lipstick in place and prevents bleeding, and can also be used on brows) — $20


FREE shipping on all orders over $50

$5 shipping on all orders under $50


* $1 from this purchase goes directly to The Beauty Bus Foundation.